Terms of Service

Please read these following Terms of Service ("Terms") with caution before proceeding with using Wheatley ("Bot") and the website ("https://wheatley.tk") ("Website").

By using or being in a Discord server that has the Bot and/or accessing the Website you agree to these Terms. If you are in dispute with these Terms you have no permissions to use or be in a Discord server that uses the Bot and/or access the Website.

Temporarily & Permanent Data Collection

The developers of the Bot collect/use and/or save the following information in a database:

User's, Guild's, Channel's and Role's IDs.

If the Administrators of the server have enabled the logging feature, additional information will be collected in a Discord channel and not in a database:

Which user got punished and by whom

Mass deleted messages

Server, Channel, Role changes

By joining a server in which the Bot is in, or inviting the Bot to your server, you agree to this data collection including, but not limited to, the above.

This information is only visible to Wheatley's developers.
For any data deletion, do not hesitate to contact the developer on Discord via DM, by email at [email protected] or by joining the support server.

• The Bot or the Website do not have a guaranteed uptime and their availability may change when found necessary.

• Changes may take place in both free and Premium version of the Bot at any time.

Therefore, the Website or the Bot might not always be available 24/7 while we reserve the right to modify or change any information without prior notice.

User Content

• The developers of the Bot are not responsible for any user content uploaded or transmitted via the Bot.

• If you encounter any illegal or prohibited content that is uploaded or transmitted via the Bot please inform the developer of the Bot here.

• By using the Bot for unwanted, illegal and/or prohibited purpose and/or uploading content that is transmitted via the Bot we are allowed to take this further by contacting Discord themselves.

Therefore, we reserve the right to delete or remove any unwanted, illegal and/or prohibited content transmitted via the Bot.

Use Licence

You are only eligible to download or remake a copy of the Website for personal and/or non-commercial use.

You may not:

• Use the files for commercial use

• Remove any copyright trademark

• Sell the files or upload them online

• Modify the files

Therefore, we reserve every right regarding this Website.


• Before purchasing Wheatley Premium you will be asked to provide certain information such as your PayPal credentials, credit card number and expiration date.

• You need to be older than the relevant age of digital consent in your country in order to make a payment without parental consent.

• You agree with providing correct and valid information that you can legally use.

• We are inclined not to accept or cancel any purchase if an illegal transaction takes place or for reasons including misspellings in the product's description, inaccuracies in your purchase or other.

Therefore, we reserve the right to accept, decline or cancel any purchase for any reason at anytime.

Refund Policy

• Unless exceptions apply, the user who purchased Premium is only eligible to request for a refund if no keys on their account where activated 7 days after their transaction got verified.

• For any refund requests, please open a ticket on our support server.

Therefore, we reserve the right to decide if your purchase is refundable or not.

Modifications & Changes

• By ignoring, accepting or missing any of the changes regarding these Terms and continuing the use of the Bot or the Website you are bound by the Terms.

• Otherwise, if you disagree, you cannot be granded permission to access or use the Bot or the Website.

Therefore, we reserve the right to modify and/or change these Terms when found necessary with or without prior notice.

Latest update: August 10 2021.

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