Premium Perks


Grands access to all NSFW features across Discord!

Stand out

Grands access to a private channel on Wheatley's Crib, a role and priority support!

No limits

Grands the ability to bypass the limits for ranks/filters/autoroles/tags!


Gives everyone in the server the specified role!


Takes away from everyone in the server the specified role!


Set's or clears everyone's nickname in the server!


Sends a custom made embed to the specified channel!

Support Wheatley

Support the development and operation of Wheatley!

Pricing & Plans
  • 3 Wheatley Premium Lifetime keys (2.83€ fee)
  • 4 Wheatley Premium keys (0.89€ fee)
  • 1 Wheatley Premium key (0.54€ fee)
By purchasing any package of the above you agree to our Terms of Service
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Wheatley Premium?

Wheatley Premium is a package you can purchase if you want to support Wheatley's development and operation while also receiving access to some unique features.

How does Premium work?

When purchasing a package, you are going to receive a number of keys that each can enable a Discord server and grand access to all Premium features for it. Plus, yourself can also use any Premium feature in any server!

How can I activate Premium?

In order to activate Premium, use the !premiumsetup command while Administrator in a Discord server. Each key adds 30 days of Premium meaning that they can be stacked. Last, Premium on your account starts when purchasing it (each key is 30 days meaning that for 5 keys you will be granded 150 days of Premium)

For how many Discord servers does Premium enable for?

When purchasing a package, you can see how many keys you are going to receive at the description of it. Please keep in mind that each key enables 1 server for 30 days while it also grands 30 days to the user.

Where can I cancel my subscription?

You cannot cancel your subscription because these are monthly and manual payments, therefore you aren't being subscribed anywhere in the first place.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

To find more about our refund policy, navigate yourself to our terms of service and look at the Refund Policy field.

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